Quick Key for Large Marsh Sedges

The following is a quick key to some common sedges of the following type:

bulletlarge and robust
bulletgrowing in marshy ground
bulletpossesses staminate spikes clearly borne above pistillate spikes

All information is taken from Sedges (Carex) of Saskatchewan by Anna L. Leighton.

bulletIf there are two stigmas and pistillate spikes are 4-6  mm wide
bulletC. aquatilis
bulletElse If sheaths pubescent
bulletC. atherodes
bulletElse If pistillate spikes on filiform stalks
bulletC. pseudocyperus
bulletElse If perigynium  is pubescent
bulletIf leaves <  2.2 mm  wide and involute
bulletC. lasiocarpa
bulletElse If leaves 2-3 mm wide and flat
bulletC. pellita
bulletElse If style is persistent and S shaped
bulletIf adaxial leaf surface with papillae
bulletC. rostrata
bulletElse If adaxial leaf surface without papillae
bulletC. utriculata
bulletElse If beak 0.5-1.6 mm long and scale length variable
bulletC.  lacustris
bulletElse If beak 2-3 mm long
bulletC.  laeviconica