Carex scirpoidea
Single-Spike Sedge

Pistillate Plant

Five Miles North of Highway #3 on Fir River Road, West of Hudson Bay

Note each fertile shoot contains a single, terminal pistillate spike.  This species is dioecious, which means some plants have only staminate flowers and other plants have only pistillate flowers.


Scirpoidea: Answers to key questions in Sedges (Carex) of Saskatchewan, Fascicle 3, Flora of Saskatchewan by Anna Leighton leading to this species. The answers are in the order you would normally work through the key. 

Stigmas 3; achenes three-sided, occasionally terete, though their shape may be concealed by flattened perigynia.  NOT [stigmas 2; achenes lenticular]


Spikes 1 per culm, terminal; spike bracts absent.  NOT [Spikes 2 or more per culm, terminal and lateral; spike bracts present on lateral spikes (except in Section Phyllostachyae), lowest bract usually evident, often conspicuous]


Spike unisexual; plants dioecious; pistillate spike narrowly cylindrical, 10-30 (40) mm long; perigynia 50-100 per spike; plants rhizomatous with pubescent perigynia.  NOT [Spike androgynous; plants monoecious; perigynia 1-18 per spike; if perigynia pubescent then plants cespitose.]