Syringa vulgaris

Corolla Cut Open


The near half of the corolla has been removed from this specimen, revealing one of the two stamens in the flower.  By the time the flower is fully open, the anther has usually dehisced releasing the pollen.  Note the filament is adnate to the inner surface of the corolla tube.

Syringa: Answers to key questions in Vascular Flora of Alberta: An Illustrated Guide leading to this genus. 

shrubs; NOT [trees]

leaves simple, undivided; NOT [leaves pinnately divided into 5-9 leaflets]

flowers conspicuous, in showy pyramidal clusters; NOT [flowers tiny, inconspicuous]

flowers with 4 petals; NOT [flowers without petals]

fruits +/- woody capsules with winged seeds; NOT [fruits winged samaras]