Chenopodium FNA Key - Sask

The following key was created as follows:


Started with key to Chenopodium species in Flora of North America


Removed all species not found in Saskatchewan.  List of Saskatchewan species obtained from Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Saskatchewan by Vernon L. Harms.


Added rarity/abundance information, also taken from Harms. CC - very common, C - common, FC - fairly common, UC - uncommon, VUL - vulnerable, THR - threatened, END  - endangered, ADV? - possibly adventive, R - rare (applies to introduced species only).


Added common names.


Added color coding


Linked species name to species description in Flora of North America

1. Seeds vertical or both horizontal and vertical; leaf blades glabrous or occasionally farinose (4)
Seeds all horizontal; leaf blades usually farinose (9)

4. Leaf blades lanceolate or oblong, glaucous abaxially C. glaucum (Oak-Leaf Goosefoot) C
Leaf blades triangular or rhombic, rarely lanceolate, green abaxially (6)

6. Glomerules 3-10 mm diameter, sessile on unbranched terminal and occasionally axillary spikes; perianth segments fleshy, red at maturity (not fleshy but often red in C. capitatum var. parvicapitatum); seeds all vertical C. capitatum (Strawberry Blite) C
    Glomerules 2-5 mm diameter, sessile on lateral branched spikes; perianth segments membranaceous, green at maturity; horizontal and vertical seeds both present 
C. rubrum (Red Goosefoot) C

9. Flowers individually disposed in panicles; leaf blades glabrous (10)
Flowers in loose or dense glomerules; leaf blades usually farinose (11)

10. Leaves sinuate-dentate; seeds 1.3-1.9 mm diameter C. simplex (Maple-Leaf) Goosefoot) C
Leaves entire; seeds 0.8-1.3 mm diameter C. polyspermum (Many-Seeded Goosefoot) R/ADV?

11. Primary leaves linear, linear-lanceolate, or occasionally narrowly oblong-ovate, 2-3 times longer than broad or longer; usually without teeth or lobes or occasionally with a pair of basal lobes (12)
       Leaves ovate, rhombic, triangular, or lanceolate, to 2 times longer than broad; usually with basal lobes and often with additional teeth on margin (22)

12. Leaves with 1 vein, blades linear, usually somewhat fleshy, margins entire (13)
      Leaves with 3 veins from base, blades linear, lanceolate, or occasionally narrowly oblong-ovate or triangular-rhombic, usually without teeth or lobes or occasionally with a pair of basal lobes (16)

13. Fruit an utricle, pericarp separable; plant mostly not farinose C. subglabrum (Smooth Goosefoot) THR
Fruit an achene, pericarp attached; plant mostly farinose C. leptophyllum (Narrow-Leaved Goosefoot) UC

16. Leaves 3 times longer than broad or longer (17)
Leaves 2-3 times longer than broad, usually narrowly oblong-ovate or deltoid rhombic (20)

17. Fruit an achene, pericarp attached, minutely granular-roughened; seeds flattened on top C. hians (Gaping Goosefoot) THR
Fruit an utricle, pericarp separable; seeds rounded on top (18)

18. Perianth spreading from fruit at maturity; plants strictly erect C. pratericola (Desert Goosefoot) CC
Perianth enclosing fruit at maturity; plants erect to spreading C. desiccatum (Arid-Land Goosefoot) UC

20. Fruit an utricle, pericarp separable; leaf blades entire C. atrovirens (Dark-Green Goosefoot) End
Fruit an achene, pericarp attached; leaf blades often toothed C. strictum (Upright Goosefoot) UC

22. Seeds honeycomb-pitted (23)
Seeds smooth or areolate (26)

23. Lower leaves entire or with only 1-2 teeth or lobes near base C. watsonii (Watson's Goosefoot) VUL
Lower leaves serrate and usually lobed C. berlandieri (Pit-Seed Goosefoot) CC

26. Leaves triangular (27)
Leaves ovate to broadly ovate, rhombic, or lanceolate, variously lobed or toothed (30)

27. Leaf blades toothed and sometimes with basal lobes, usually glabrous C. murale (Nettle-Leaved Goosefoot) VER?
Leaf blades with basal lobes but no additional teeth, usually farinose (29)

29. Plants simple below, branching above; seeds 1-1.3 mm diameter C. fremontii (Fremont's Goosefoot) C
Plants profusely branching from base; seeds 0.9-1.1 (-1.2) mm diameter C. incanum (Mealy Goosefoot) THR

30. Leaf blades without teeth except for often present basal lobes or teeth C. atrovirens (Dark-Green Goosefoot) End
Leaf blades with lateral teeth and often basal lobes (36)

36. Leaf margins tapering to an acute apex; leaves ovate, rhombic, or lanceolate; inflorescence branched spicate or cymose C. album (Lamb's-Quarters) C
      Leaf margins more or less parallel below the obtuse apex, leaves lanceolate to narrowly elliptic; inflorescence normally moniliform, not profusely branching C. strictum (Upright Goosefoot) UC