Betula pumila
(Swamp Birch)

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Early Leaf Top

Early Leaf Bottom

Leaf Top

Leaf Bottom

Staminate Catkins

Pistillate Catkins

Staminate Catkins
with Previous Year's Pistillate Catkins

Staminate Catkin
with Current Year's Pistillate Catkin

Staminate Catkin, Side A

Staminate Catkin, Side B

Pistillate Catkin

Pistillate Catkin

Pistillate Catkin

Previous Year's Pistillate Catkin

Staminate Flower, Side

Staminate Flower, Top

Pistillate Flowers, Adaxial Side

Pistillate  Flowers, Abaxial Side

Pistillate Scale, Adaxial Side

Pistillate Scale, Abaxial Side

Fruit Side A

Fruit Side B