Erysimum hieraciifolium
Gray Rocket

Third Lowest Part of Plant

Ruby Lake, North of Hudson Bay

Note the leaves are toothed but not lobed and are tapering (not clasping, auriculate, or sagittate) at the base.

Hieraciifolium: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Flora of North America leading to this species. 

biennials or perennials (short-lived); NOT [annuals]

pubescence mostly or entirely of stellate hairs; NOT [pubescence mostly or entirely of malpighian hairs]

sepals 4-7 (8) mm; NOT [sepals 1.8-3.2 mm]

petals 3-10 (15) 1.5-3 mm; NOT [petals (10) 13-30 (35) 3-10 (15) mm]

petal claws 3-8 mm; NOT [petal claws 1.5-3.5 mm]

petals yellow; NOT [petals purple]

inner (longer) filaments 2-7 (10) mm; NOT [inner (longer) filaments (6) 7-15 mm]

stigmas entire; NOT [stigmas strongly 2-lobed]

fruiting pedicels not one quarter as long as fruit; NOT [fruiting pedicels almost half as long as fruit]

fruiting pedicels narrower than fruit; NOT [fruiting pedicels as wide as fruit]

fruits appressed to rachises; NOT [fruits not appressed or subappressed to rachises]

fruit valves usually glabrous inside, rarely sparsely pubescent; NOT [fruit valves densely pubescent inside]


Erysimum: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Vascular Flora of Alberta: An Illustrated Guide leading to this genus. 

trichomes present; NOT [trichomes absent]

trichomes sessile (malpighian or stellate); NOT [trichomes stalked (malpighian or stellate), or simple]

at least 1 cauline leaf present; NOT [cauline leaves absent]

cauline leaves entire to dentate, not lobed; NOT [cauline leaves deeply lobed, lyrate to tripinnate]

cauline leaves NOT clasping, auriculate, or sagittate at base

flower clusters without bracts or only the lowermost flower(s) with bracts; NOT [flower clusters with bracts throughout]

flowers yellow

pods usually at least 4 times as long as wide; NOT [pods usually not more than 3 times as long as wide]

pods not compressed at right angles to the central partition; NOT [pods compressed at right angles to the central partition]

pods scarcely beaked; NOT [pods with a long, distinct beak]


Cruciferae: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora  leading to this family. 

herbs; NOT [shrubs or trees]

plants terrestrial or semiaquatic; NOT [plants aquatic, leaves submerged or floating]

plants not with colored milky juice

plants with more than one normal leaf

some or all leaves alternate; NOT [leaves opposite, whorled, or basal]

leaves without stipules, or having glands; NOT [leaves with stipules]

flowers with two floral rings

calyx regular; NOT [calyx irregular, some sepals smaller than others]

sepals 4

corolla regular in shape; NOT [corolla irregular in shape]

each petal distinct from the others

petals 4

stamens 6, four long and two short

ovary superior; NOT [ovary inferior]

carpels 1 or 2