Erysimum hieraciifolium
Gray Rocket

Early Seed

Ruby Lake, North of Hudson Bay

Hieraciifolium: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Flora of North America leading to this species. 

biennials or perennials (short-lived); NOT [annuals]

pubescence mostly or entirely of stellate hairs; NOT [pubescence mostly or entirely of malpighian hairs]

sepals 4-7 (8) mm; NOT [sepals 1.8-3.2 mm]

petals 3-10 (15) 1.5-3 mm; NOT [petals (10) 13-30 (35) 3-10 (15) mm]

petal claws 3-8 mm; NOT [petal claws 1.5-3.5 mm]

petals yellow; NOT [petals purple]

inner (longer) filaments 2-7 (10) mm; NOT [inner (longer) filaments (6) 7-15 mm]

stigmas entire; NOT [stigmas strongly 2-lobed]

fruiting pedicels not one quarter as long as fruit; NOT [fruiting pedicels almost half as long as fruit]

fruiting pedicels narrower than fruit; NOT [fruiting pedicels as wide as fruit]

fruits appressed to rachises; NOT [fruits not appressed or subappressed to rachises]

fruit valves usually glabrous inside, rarely sparsely pubescent; NOT [fruit valves densely pubescent inside]


Erysimum: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Vascular Flora of Alberta: An Illustrated Guide leading to this genus. 

trichomes present; NOT [trichomes absent]

trichomes sessile (malpighian or stellate); NOT [trichomes stalked (malpighian or stellate), or simple]

at least 1 cauline leaf present; NOT [cauline leaves absent]

cauline leaves entire to dentate, not lobed; NOT [cauline leaves deeply lobed, lyrate to tripinnate]

cauline leaves NOT clasping, auriculate, or sagittate at base

flower clusters without bracts or only the lowermost flower(s) with bracts; NOT [flower clusters with bracts throughout]

flowers yellow

pods usually at least 4 times as long as wide; NOT [pods usually not more than 3 times as long as wide]

pods not compressed at right angles to the central partition; NOT [pods compressed at right angles to the central partition]

pods scarcely beaked; NOT [pods with a long, distinct beak]


Cruciferae: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora  leading to this family. 

herbs; NOT [shrubs or trees]

plants terrestrial or semiaquatic; NOT [plants aquatic, leaves submerged or floating]

plants not with colored milky juice

plants with more than one normal leaf

some or all leaves alternate; NOT [leaves opposite, whorled, or basal]

leaves without stipules, or having glands; NOT [leaves with stipules]

flowers with two floral rings

calyx regular; NOT [calyx irregular, some sepals smaller than others]

sepals 4

corolla regular in shape; NOT [corolla irregular in shape]

each petal distinct from the others

petals 4

stamens 6, four long and two short

ovary superior; NOT [ovary inferior]

carpels 1 or 2