Pediomelum esculentum
(Indian Breadroot)

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Whole Plant in Ground

Single Stem

Taproot, Caudex, and Lower Stem

Taproot, Caudex, and Lower Stem

Leaf Top

Leaf Bottom

Leaflet Top

Leaflet Bottom

Leaflet Top Close-Up

Leaflet Bottom Close-Up

Stipules Top

Stipules Bottom

Leaf and Inflorescence

Inflorescence Side

Inflorescence Side

Flower Triplet Top

Flower Triplet Bottom

Flower Top with Bract

Flower Bottom with Bract

Flower Top

Flower Bottom

Flower Front

Flower Front/Bottom

Flower Side

Flower Side, Calyx Removed

Flower Side, Calyx and Standard Removed

One Wing and Keel Petals

Flower Cut Open

Stamen Bundle Enclosing Pistil

Stamen Bundle and Pistil