Thermopsis rhombifolia

Calyx and Keel, Top

Fairy Hill, 35 km North of Regina on Highway #6

The standard and wings have been removed from this flower.  Note there are five calyx lobes, with the upper two united except at the tip where there are two small teeth.

Thermopsis: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Flora of Alberta leading to this genus. 
herbs; NOT [shrubs]
plants with rootstocks and elongate stems; NOT [plants tufted or cushion-like]
stems not twining; NOT [stems twining on vegetation]
leaves palmately divided; NOT [leaves pinnately divided]
leaflets 3 or rarely 1; NOT [leaflets more than 3]
leaflets entire; NOT [leaflets finely toothed]
the terminal leaflet normal; NOT [the terminal leaflet replaced by a tendril]
leaves not glandular-dotted
flowers in spikes or racemes; NOT [flowers solitary in the leaf axils]
flowers all alike; NOT [upper flowers with petals, the lower ones apetalous]
flowers 10-20 mm long; NOT [flowers about 4 mm long]
flowers yellow
keel not truncate; NOT [keel mostly truncate]
pods 4-7 cm long; NOT [pods 2-4 cm long]
pods sickle-shaped; NOT [pods straight]
pods not segmented; NOT [pods usually with 3-5 one-seeded segments which separate at maturity]


Leguminosae: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora leading to this family. 
herbs; NOT [shrubs or trees]
plants terrestrial or semiaquatic; NOT [plants aquatic, leaves submerged or floating]
plants not with colored milky juice
plants with more than one normal leaf
some or all leaves alternate; NOT [leaves opposite, whorled, or basal]
leaves with stipules; NOT [leaves without stipules, or having glands]
flowers irregular in shape; NOT [flowers regular in shape]
flowers with two floral rings
calyx regular; NOT [calyx irregular, some sepals smaller than others]
each petal distinct from the others
corolla pea-like; NOT [corolla with one petal spurred or sac-like]
stamens usually separate or partly so, not all in a column; NOT [stamens all united into a column]
fruit a legume or loment; NOT [fruit a 3-valved capsule]