Oenothera caespitosa
Gumbo Evening-Primrose

Style & Stigma

Buffalograss Provincial Ecological Reserve

The hypanthium was split lengthwise and somewhat flattened for the purpose of this photo.  The style was then removed from the centre of the hypanthium and placed outside it.


Caespitosa: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Flora of Alberta leading to this species. 
bulletplants lacking leafy stems, leaves forming a rosette; NOT [plants with leafy stems]
bulletpetals more than 20 or 25 mm long; NOT [petals less than 20 or 25 mm long]
bulletpetals white, aging to pink; NOT [petals yellow, aging to pink]
bulletstigma with 4 linear lobes; NOT [stigma capitate]
bulletcapsule with double crests at angles; NOT [capsule narrowly winged at angles] (BF)
bulletcapsules NOT winged; NOT [capsules distinctly wing-margined] (FOA)



Oenothera: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora  and Flora of Alberta leading to this genus. 
bullethypanthium prolonged beyond the ovary
bulletflower parts in 4ís; NOT [flower parts in 2ís]
bulletsepals commonly reflexed; NOT [sepals erect]
bulletpetals yellow, white or pink; NOT [petals purplish]
bulletanthers attached near their middle, usually versatile; NOT [anthers attached near their base, erect]
bulletovary 4-loculed; NOT [ovary2-loculed]
bulletfruit a capsule; NOT [fruit nut-like]
bulletfruit opening by valves; NOT [fruit indehiscent]
bulletfruit opening with 4 valves; NOT [capsules opening with 2 valves]
bulletfruit NOT covered with hooks; NOT [fruit covered with hooked bristles]
bulletseeds lacking a coma; NOT [seeds with a tuft of hairs (coma) at one end]
bulletfruit many-seeded; NOT [fruit 1-seeded]



Onagraceae: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora  leading to this family. 
bulletherbs; NOT [shrubs or trees]
bulletplants terrestrial; NOT [plants aquatic; leaves submerged or floating], NOT [mud plants with small axillary flowers]
bulletplants NOT with colored milky juice
bulletplants with more than one normal leaf
bulletleaves without stipules, or having glands; NOT [leaves with stipules]
bulletplants without large petal-like bracts; NOT [plants with an involucre of 4 petal-like bracts]
bulletflowers with two floral rings, and with each petal distinct from the others]
bulletparts of flowers in twos or fours; NOT [parts of flowers mostly in fives]
bulletcalyx regular; NOT [calyx irregular, some sepals smaller than others]
bulletstamens 10 or fewer; NOT [stamens usually more than 10]
bulletstyles single; NOT [styles 2 or more]
bulletovary inferior; NOT [ovary superior]