Festuca hallii
(Plains Rough Fescue)

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Several Shoots

Single Shoot

Basal Leaf

Cauline Leaf Base, Side View

Cauline Leaf Base, Adaxial View

Cauline Leaf Base, Adaxial View,
Culm Removed


Lowest Panicle Branch

Panicle Branch

Spikelet - 2 Florets

Spikelet - 3 Florets

Spikelet with Anthers

Spikelet with Anthers


Spikelet, Glumes Removed, Side A

Spikelet, Glumes Removed, Side B

Lower Glume, Inner Face

Upper Glume, Inner Face

Lower Floret, Inner Face

Upper Floret, Inner Face

Floret, Lemma Removed, Side A

Floret, Lemma Removed, Side B