Phlox hoodii

Moss Phlox

Flower Side,
All Leaves & Part of Calyx Removed

Hidden Valley Nature Area
Approximately Five Miles Northeast of Craven on # 99

All the leaves and part of the calyx have been removed from this flower.


Hoodii: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora (BF)  and Flora of Alberta (FOA) leading to this species. 
bulletstem decumbent or tufted; NOT [stem erect]
bulletleaves short, usually not more than 10-12 mm long
bulletleaves less than 2 mm wide; NOT [leaves 2-4 mm wide]
bulletleaves awl-shaped; NOT [leaves linear to lanceolate to oblong]
bulletleaves with cobwebby hairs; NOT [leaves mostly without cobwebby hairs but may have ciliate margins]
bullettube of corolla slightly longer than calyx; NOT [tube of corolla much longer than calyx]
bullettube of corolla less than 12 mm long; NOT  [tube of corolla more than 12 mm long] (BF)
bulletcorolla 8-10 mm long; NOT [corolla 15-18 mm long] (FOA)



Phlox: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora (BF)  and Flora of Alberta (FOA) leading to this genus. 
bulletplants perennial; NOT [plants annual]
bulletplants forming dense tufts or mats
bulletleaves mostly opposite; NOT [the upper leaves, at least, alternate]
bulletleaves simple; NOT [leaves deeply dissected or pinnate], NOT [leaves divided], NOT [leaves compound with many small leaflets]
bulletleaves entire



Polemoniaceae: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora leading to this family.
bulletherbs; NOT [shrubs or trees]
bulletplants green or with some chlorophyll; NOT [plants parasitic or saprophytic, without chlorophyll]
bulletplants WITHOUT milky juice
bulletplants NOT twining
bulletstems round; NOT [stems square]
bulletleaves not with 3 leaflets; NOT [leaves mostly basal, 1-3 times divided into 3 leaflets]
bulletflowers usually colored; NOT [flowers very small, greenish]
bulletcorolla regular; NOT [corolla irregular], NOT [corolla 2-lipped]
bulletstamens 4 or 5; NOT [stamens 8 or 10]
bulletstamens alternating with corolla lobes, or twice their number; NOT [stamens directly in front of corolla lobes]
bulletstyle terminal; NOT [style from center of lobes of ovary]
bulletovary superior; NOT [ovary inferior]
bulletovary 3-celled; NOT [ovary 2-celled], NOT [ovary 1-celled]
bulletovary with seeds born on axis in center of cell; NOT [ovary with seeds borne on wall of cell]
bulletfruit a capsule; NOT [fruit a berry], NOT [fruit with 4 nutlets]