Persicaria FNA Key - Sask

The following key was created as follows:


Started with key to Polygonum species in the Flora of North America (FNA)


Removed all species not found in Saskatchewan according to FNA distribution maps.


Added rarity/abundance information, also taken from Harms. CC - very common, C - common, FC - fairly common, UC - uncommon, VUL - vulnerable, THR - threatened, END  - endangered, ADV? - possibly adventive, R - rare (applies to introduced species only).


Added common names.


Linked species name to species description in Flora of North America

The Persicaria genus is divided into sections.  All Saskatchewan species belong to section Persicaria.

1. Some or all ocreae foliaceous and green distally.  Persicaria amphibia (in part) C
    All ocreae chartaceous and hyaline, tan, brown, or reddish brown throughout, never foliaceous and green distally
.  (2)

2. Perianths glandular-punctate.  (3)
    Perianths not glandular-punctate.  (4)

3. Outer tepals with anchor-shaped veins; achenes discoid.  Persicaria lapathifolia (in part) C
    Outer tepals without anchor-shaped veins; achenes 3-gonous or biconvex.  Persicaria punctata THR

4. Peduncles stipitate-glandular.  (5)
    Peduncles not stipitate-glandular.  (6)

5. Plants perennial; rhizomes or stolons usually present; inflorescences terminal.  Persicaria amphibia (in part) C
    Plants annual; rhizomes and stolons absent; inflorescences terminal and axillary.  Persicaria lapathifolia (in part) C

6. Plants perennial; rhizomes or stolons usually present.  Persicaria amphibia (in part) C
    Plants annual; rhizomes and stolons absent.  (7)

7. Margins of ocreae without bristles or with bristles to 1 mm; ocreolae mostly overlapping; achenes discoid, rarely 3-gonous.  Persicaria lapathifolia (in part) C
    Margins of ocreae ciliate with bristles (0.2-)1-12 mm, if bristles less than 1 mm then ocreolae not overlapping; achenes discoid, biconvex, or 3-gonous.  Persicaria maculosa R/ADV?