Rumex stenophyllus
(Narrow-Leaved Field Dock)

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Primary Specimen

Lowest Part of Plant

2nd Lowest Part of Plant

3rd Lowest Part of Plant

4th Lowest Part of Plant

5th Lowest (Uppermost) Part of Plant

Terminal Portion of Inflorescence

Lower Fruiting Branch

Mid-Lower Fruiting Branch

Fruiting Whorl Side

Fruiting Whorl Top

Flower Top

Fruit Side A

Fruit Side B

Fruit Side C

Fruit Side A

Fruit Side B

Fruit Side C

Mature Fruit

Mature Fruit Side A

Mature Fruit Side B

Mature Fruit Side C

Other Specimens

Upper Plant in Ground


Lower Half of Plant

Upper Half of Plant

Lower Leaf Top

Lower Leaf Bottom

Upper Leaf Top

Upper Leaf Bottom

Middle Inflorescence, Branch

Upper Inflorescence, Branch

Upper Inflorescence, Main Stem

Whorl of Fruit

Two Mature Fruit

Two Mature Fruit

Single Fruit

Single Fruit, Herbarium Specimen

Joint on Pedicel