Anemone cylindrica
(Long-Fruited Anemone)

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Flower in Ground

Flower in Ground

Lower Half of Plant

Upper Stem

Lower Stem Close-Up

Upper Stem Close-Up

Basal Leaf Top

Basal Leaf Bottom

Basal Leaf, Primary Leaflet, Top

Basal Leaf, Primary Leaflet, Bottom

Basal Leaf Top, Close-Up

Basal Leaflet Bottom, Close-Up

Involucral Leaf Top

Involucral Leaf Bottom

Involucral Leaf, Primary Leaflet, Top

Involucral Leaf, Primary Leaflet, Bottom

Flower Top

Flower Side/Top

Flower Side

Flower Bottom

Flower Bottom

Flower Side, Sepals Removed

Flower Longitudinal Section

Sepal Adaxial Side

Sepal Abaxial Side


Fruiting Head

Fruiting Head Close-Up

Early Achene