Ranunculus sceleratus
Celery-Leaved Buttercup

Basal Leaf Blade Top

Fairy Hill NCC Property, 
39 km North of Regina on Highway 6 at Qu'Appelle Valley

Sceleratus: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Flora of Alberta leading to this species. 
terrestrial plants, mostly with erect stems; NOT [aquatic or creeping mud plants, the leaves mostly floating or submersed]
plants of marshy places
plants larger; NOT [plants small, rarely more than 5 cm high]
plants glabrous to subglabrous or puberulent; NOT [plants villose-pubescent, especially the petioles]
stems bearing several leaves and flowers; NOT [stems bearing a single leaf and a single flower]
stem and inflorescence leaves on well-developed petioles; NOT [stem leaves and leaves in the inflorescence sessile or subsessile]
leaves not finely dissected
basal and cauline leaves all deeply incised or divided into distinct segments, the cauline smaller or with few segments, or with shorter petioles; NOT [basal and cauline leaves distinctly unlike; some or all of the basal leaves merely toothed (or entire), most of the cauline deeply cleft and sessile or subsessile]
terminal segment of the larger leaves sessile, usually joined to the lateral by thin tissue; NOT [terminal segment of the larger leaves stalked]
sepals usually 5;  NOT [sepals normally 3]
sepals spreading or curved inward; NOT [sepals reflexed at the middle or base]
petals mostly 5 mm long or less; NOT [petals mostly more than 5 mm long]
petals yellow; NOT [petals white]
achenes glabrous; NOT [achenes pubescent]
beak of the achene very short, to 0.1 mm long; NOT [beak of the achene developed, 0.5-1.0 mm long]


Ranunculus: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Flora of Alberta leading to this genus. 
plants not woody climbers
leaves not all basal
leaves either basal or alternate; NOT [leaves opposite]
flowers regular
petals usually present; NOT [petals absent, but sepals colored and petal-like]
petals not spurred
petals mostly yellow
sepals not spurred
carpels 2 or more; NOT [carpel 1]
ovaries 1-ovuled; NOT [ovaries several-ovuled]
achenes in globose or cylindrical heads; NOT [achenes in elongate, tapering heads]
fruit an achene; NOT [fruit a follicle or berry]


Ranunculaceae: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora  leading to this family. 
herbs; NOT [shrubs or trees]
plants terrestrial or semiaquatic; NOT [plants aquatic, leaves submerged or floating]
plants not with colored milky juice
plants with more than one normal leaf
some or all leaves alternate; NOT [leaves opposite, whorled, or basal]
leaves without stipules, or having glands; NOT [leaves with stipules]
flowers with two floral rings
calyx regular; NOT [calyx irregular, some sepals smaller than others]
each petal distinct from the others
stamens usually more than 10; NOT [stamens 10 or fewer]
carpels separate; NOT [carpels united]