Prunus pensylvanica
(Pin Cherry)

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Whole Plant in Ground

Fruit in Ground

Early Leaves Top

Early Leaves Bottom

Early Leaf Top

Early Leaf Bottom

Flowering Branch

Inflorescence Top

Inflorescence Bottom

Corymb Top

Corymb Side

Corymb Side

Base of Corymbs

Base of Corymbs Close-Up

Flower Top, Stage 1

Flower Top, Stage 2

Flower Top, Stage 3

Flower Top, Stage 4

Flower Top, Stage 5

Flower Side

Flower Top/Side

Flower Top/Side

Flower Bottom

Flower Bottom

Flower Cut Open

Flower Cut Open

Leaves and Fruit

Two Corymbs of Fruit

Single Corymb of Fruit

Pyrene Side A

Pyrene Side B

Pyrene Longitudinal Section