Rubus pubescens

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Flower Top in Ground

Flower Top in Ground Close-Up

Flower Side in Ground (Sepal)

Flower Side in Ground (Petal)

Fruiting Plant in Ground

Fruit and Leaf in Ground

Whole Plant

Whole Plant

Leaf Top

Leaf Bottom

Lateral Leaflet Top

Lateral Leaflet Bottom

Stipules Side

Stipules Top

Inflorescence Side (Leaf Top)

Inflorescence Side (Leaf Bottom)

Early Flower Top

Later Flower Top

Flower Top (6 Petals)

Flower Top/Side

Flower Side (Sepal)

Flower Side (Petal)

Flower Side, Petals Removed

Flower Longitudinal Section

Flower Longitudinal Section

Fruit and Leaf

Fruit Side

Fruit Top

Fruit Bottom