Euphrasia subarctica
Northern Eyebright

Leaf Pair Top

Hudson Bay Trout Pond, 1.5 Miles East of Hudson Bay

Note the opposite leaves.

Euphrasia: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora and Flora of Alberta leading to this genus. 
stems leafy; NOT [leaves in a basal rosette]
all leaves opposite; NOT [leaves alternate]; NOT [upper leaves whorled]
upper leaves stalkless; NOT [leaves with stalks]
leaves 2-10 mm long; NOT [leaves 10-40 mm long]
leaves ovate; NOT [leaves linear to lanceolate]
leaves palmately lobed or with large teeth; NOT [leaves more less entire], NOT [leaves pinnately lobed or cleft]
leaves palmately veined; NOT [leaves pinnately veined]
floral leaves or bracts usually green; NOT [floral leaves or bracts brightly colored, usually red or yellow, or shades of these colours]
flowers not solitary
all flowers opposite; NOT [upper flowers whorled]
flowers less than 10 mm long; NOT [flowers large and showy, 10-35 mm long]
calyx much shorter; NOT [calyx about 1 cm long in flower]
calyx 4-lobed; NOT [calyx 5-lobed]
calyx not membranous
calyx not much inflated in fruit
corolla not spurred
corolla white to yellow; NOT [corolla pinkish  purple]
four anther bearing stamens, no sterile stamens


Osmorhiza: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora leading to this family. 
herbs; NOT [shrubs or trees]
plants green or with some chlorophyll; NOT [plants parasitic or saprophytic, without chlorophyll]
plants not aquatic
stems not square
leaves not bearing bladders
flowers not in heads or spikes; NOT [flowers in long or short spikes], NOT [flowers in heads or in form resembling a head]
flowers with two floral rings
petals wholly or partly united forming a tube or bell
corolla irregular; NOT [corolla regular]
ovary superior; NOT [ovary inferior]
fruit a many-seeded capsule; NOT [fruit with 4 nutlets]