Cicuta maculata
(Spotted Water-Hemlock)

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Lower Plant

Mid-Lower Plant

Mid-Upper Plant

Upper Plant

Lower Third of Plant

Middle Third of Plant

Upper Third of Plant


Lower Leaf Top

Middle Leaf Top

Upper Leaf Top

Petiole Base Side

Petiole Base Top

Leaflet Top, Fertile Shoot

Leaflet Bottom, Vegetative Shoot

Umbel Top, Stage 1

Umbel Top, Stage 2

Umbel Top, Stage 3

Umbel Bottom, Stage 3

Umbel Bottom Close-Up
(Involucre Present)

Umbel Bottom Close-Up
(Involucre Absent)

Umbellet Side

Umbellet Top, Stage 1

Umbellet Top, Stage 2

Umbellet Bottom

Umbellet Bottom

Flower Side

Flower Side Close-Up

Flower Top, Stage 1

Flower Top, Stage 2

Flower Top, Stage 3

Flower Bottom