Osmorhiza longistylis
(Smooth Sweet Cicely)

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Whole Plant in Ground

Upper Plant in Ground

Inflorescence Side in Ground

Early Fruit in Ground

Lower Half of Plant

Upper Half of Plant

Middle Stem

Base of Third Lowest Leaf

Lowest Leaf Top

Lowest Leaf Bottom

Second Lowest Leaf Top

Second Lowest Leaf Bottom

Third Lowest Leaf Top

Third Lowest Leaf Bottom

Fourth Lowest Leaf Top

Fourth Lowest Leaf Bottom

Fifth Lowest Leaf Top and Flowers

Fifth Lowest Leaf Bottom and Flowers

Fifth Lowest Leaf, Lateral Leaflet, Top

Fifth Lowest Leaf, Terminal Leaflet, Bottom

Umbel Side

Umbel Top

Bracts Top

Bracts Bottom

Umbellet Side

Umbellet Bottom


Male Flower Top

Male Flower Side

Perfect Flower Top

Perfect Flower Top/Side

Perfect Flower Side

Early Fruit Side

Later Fruit Side

Latest Fruit, Flat Side

Latest Fruit, Edge Side