Asclepias speciosa
(Showy Milkweed)

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Upper Plant in Ground

Inflorescence in Ground

Upper Part of Plant

Leaf Top

Leaf Bottom

Early Inflorescence Top

Later Inflorescence Top

Inflorescence Bottom

Flower Top

Flower Side

Flower Side, Petals Removed

Flower Side, Petals and Sepals Removed

Flower Side Close-Up

Flower Side Close-Up, Corona Lobe Removed

Flower Bottom, Petals Removed

Flower Longitudinal Section (Pollinia)

Flower Longitudinal Section (Ovaries)

Corona Lobe Side

Corona Lobe Top

One Anther

Two Anthers

Pollinarium Partially Removed

Gynostegium Top

Pollinarium Side A

Pollinarium Side B

Pistil Side

Pistil Top