Lithospermum canescens
(Hoary Puccoon)

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Whole Plant in Ground

Whole Plant in Ground

Upper Plant in Ground

Top of Plant in Ground

Flowers in Ground

Short-Styled Flower in Ground

Long-Styled Flower in Ground

Whole Plant

Whole Plant

Lowest Leaf Top

Lowest Leaf Bottom

Middle Leaf Top

Middle Leaf Bottom

Mid-Upper Leaf Top

Mid-Upper Leaf Bottom

Upper Leaf Top

Upper Leaf Bottom

Leafy Bract Top

Leafy Bract Bottom

Leaf Top Close-Up

Leaf Bottom Close-Up

Middle Stem


Short-Styled Flower Top

Long-Styled Flower Top

Short-Styled Flower Side

Long-Styled Flower Side

Short-Styled Flower Cut Open

Long-Styled Flower Cut Open

Stamens from Short-Styled Flower

Stamens from Long-Styled Flower

Pistil from Short-Styled Flower

Pistil from Long-Styled Flower

Ovary Top,
From Short-Styled Flower

Ovary Top,
From Long-Styled Flower