Carex atratiformis
(Raymond's Sedge)

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Plants in Ground

Inflorescence in Ground

Several Plants

Several Mature Plants

Single Plant

Base of Plant


Sheath of 2nd Lowest Leaf

Sheath of Uppermost Leaf

Leaf Adaxial Side

Leaf Abaxial Side


Mature Inflorescence

Lowest Spike

Terminal Spike, Side A

Terminal Spike, Side B

Base of Lowest Spike Bract, Side A

Base of Lowest Spike Bract, Side B

Lowest Pistillate Flower, Adaxial View

Lowest Pistillate Flower, Abaxial View

Lowest Pistillate Flower, Side View

Upper Pistillate Flower, Adaxial View

Upper Pistillate Flower, Abaxial View

Upper Pistillate Flower, Side View

Mature Pistillate Flower, Abaxial View

Perigynium Side A

Perigynium Side B