Cypripedium parviflorum
(Yellow Lady's-Slipper)

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Plants in Ground

Single Plant in Ground

Flower Top/Front in Ground

Flower Top/Side in Ground

Flower Side/Front in Ground

Flower Back in Ground

Whole Plant

Largest Leaf Top

Largest Leaf Bottom

Flower Top

Flower Top/Front

Flower Front/Top

Flower Front

Flower Back

Flower Back

Flower Side

Flower Bottom

Synsepal Top

Synsepal Bottom

Upper Sepal Top

Upper Sepal Bottom

Lateral Petal Top

Lateral Petal Bottom

Lateral Petal Top/Side

Lip Top

Lip Longitudinal Section

Ovary and Column

Ovary and Column,
Bract Removed

Column Top

Column Bottom

Column Top,
Staminode Removed

Column Bottom,
Staminode Removed

Column Side

Staminode Top

Staminode Bottom