Lomatium foeniculaceum
(Hairy-Fruited Parsley)

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Whole Plant in Ground

Whole Plant

Leaves & Umbels, Side A

Leaves & Umbels, Side B

Leaf Top

Leaf Bottom

Primary Leaflet Top

Primary Leaflet Bottom

Secondary Leaflet Top

Secondary Leaflet Bottom

Tertiary Leaflet Top

Tertiary Leaflet Bottom

Ultimate Leaflet Top

Ultimate Leaflet Bottom

Middle Peduncle

Umbel Top

Umbel Bottom

Umbellet Top

Umbellet Bottom

Unvolucel Top

Involucel Bottom

Flower with Styles, Top/Side

Flower with Styles, Side/Top

Flower with Styles, Side

Flower with Stamens, Top

Flower with Stamens, Top/Side

Flower with Stamens, Side

Fruiting Umbel Side

Fruiting Umbellets Side

Fruiting Umbellet Side

Fruit Side

Fruit, Longitudinal Section
Parallel to Compression Plane

Fruit, Longitudinal Section
Orthogonal to Compression Plane